DCP Training Programme, 19th June 2019

Dear ICCA Ph.D. Students,

The Development Corridors Project (DCP) in which Prof. Dan Olago is a co-Principal Investigator has been carrying out an online training programme and intends to open it up to a maximum of TEN (10) Ph.D. students only from the ICCA.

Do let Purity and Prof Olago know (cc.dolago@uonbi.ac.eif you would like to join in for these sessions. If interested, let us know by 10 AM on Monday 15th June at the latest, though the principle will be first come, first served. The early bird catches the worm.

Session 6 (19th June): Do you really understand Environmental Impact Assessments? How is a Strategic Environmental Assessment different from an EIA? You can join this session to find out (Swenja and Jon)

We have a short blog post about some insights from the session (for World Environment Day), which can be found on this link: https://developmentcorridors.org/2020/06/05/tooling-up-to-act-for-nature/, and you can share the post through your own networks, where appropriate