Mentorship Programme

ICCA MENTORSHIP – ACADEMIC MENTORS One of the Institute’s mandate is to empower students with the knowledge to support adaptation in the changing climate. This is in recognition of the fact that the climate is already changing and Africa, where most of the ICCA students are sourced from, will experience the brunt of the impacts due to a high dependence of Africa’s population on natural systems for survival. Against this background, the Institute accepts students from all disciplines to join in searching for solutions to the challenges posed by the changing climate. The Institute subscribes to the trans-disciplinary approach to problem solving. With most student coming from a mono- or multi-disciplinary background there is a need for mentorship to grow our student’s skills from a more linear way of approaching challenges posed by climate change to a multi-faceted approach that not only incorporates academic knowledge but knowledge from the community as well. In fulfilling this mandate student are required to undergo class instruction, develop a concept note, proposal and finally a thesis from their study. Beginning the process is the most difficult part. To support the students through this process, the Institute appoints student mentors who work with them through the development of their concept notes. Once the concept notes are accepted by the mentors, the Institute either confirms them as supervisors or appoints new supervisors to take the student through to the proposal development stage. The Institute has also established an ICCA Scholars Research Support Group to enable students navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of research. This is being run by the ICCA’s Dr Tobias Nyumba, a postdoctoral fellow, and Ms. Yvonne Githiora, a PhD student. More news on this exciting initiative will be forthcoming over the next few days and weeks. Stay tuned here for updates.