Development Corridors Partnership ( DCP)


The project is a UK government funded research project to promote Scientific collaborative and stakeholder engagement in Key issues of corridor planning and management.  The Institute in collaboration with the African Conservation Centre, partnered with universities in the UK (the University of Cambridge, London School of Economics and the University of York) and China (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences), under the leadership of the UN World Commission for the Conservation Monitoring (WCMC) to run the project. The project aims to:

1) Carry out interdisciplinary and international research programmes to assess current development corridor impact, process and practices.

2) Provide guidance on how corridors can be better designed to deliver sustainable, inclusive and resilient economic growth.

3) Assess streams of Chinese investment in East Africa and their roles in supporting sustainable development.

4) Build capacity in using and developing data, tools and techniques for corridor impact assessment planning and management.

5) Conduct outreach and engagement activities in East Africa and China with corridor decisions makers and stakeholders.  

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