Visitors from Chuka University and Tharaka University College.

On Thursday 26th August 2021, two academic staff members from Chuka University and Tharaka University College, namely; Dr Odek Anthony and Dr Ngugi Fidelis came to visit the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences, and specifically, the geology laboratories, as they are in the process of implementing a new geology programme at their university and were desirous to know what kind of laboratory set-up is required to adequately run the programme from the academic year 2022-2023. 

The Chairman of the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences, as well as the technical staff welcomed them and took them around to view the various facilities and responded to their many questions. They were impressed with the facilities and noted that they will be in touch with the ECS Dept in due course to help them in setting up their laboratories and in training their staff on operation of equipment as well as laboratory Quality Assurance/Quality Control as almost all the technical staff have undertaken this training under the AfriWatSan Project (Sustaining low-cost, urban water supply and sanitation systems in Africa) and have in turn already trained a number of technical staff members in other departments in the University of Nairobi’s Faculty of Science as well as Faculty of Engineering.

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